Treatment Therapies

Achievement & Wellness Center uses state-of-the-art therapies to treat many disorders. These include psychotherapy, neurofeedback and heart wave variability.

Psychotherapy (cognitive behavioral therapy):
Clients are counseled through their entire treatment process to cope with past, present and future concerns. Generally, positive life changes and decisions result from the combination of neurofeedback and psychotherapy.

A form of biofeedback, neurofeedback helps to restore normal brain wave activity and connectivity to calm the brain. This is done be training positive brain waves, increasing their frequency and connectivity. Many behavioral and emotional problems are the result of a dysregulation in brain waves. Once the brain waves are trained to produce more normal patterns, mood and behaviors also improve. Read more...

Heart wave variability (HRV): 
An effective form of biofeedback, HRV training helps the individual self-regulate breathing and heart rate. This results in healthier mental, emotional and physiological states. It is a tool that the individual can use frequently in order to maintain calm, despite life’s trials. A combination of psychotherapy, neurofeedback and HRV will help individuals achieve very effective levels of self-regulation, control and balance.

Achievement & Wellness Center is committed to helping you change your life for the better. We serve the residents of Bucks, Montgomery, Mercer, Burlington and Philadelphia counties, in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

To learn more about our treatments, please contact our friendly office staff at 215.321.9502 with your questions or scheduling needs. For your convenience, you can use our online Request an Appointment form.

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"Neurotherapy is a breakthrough in psychological sciences. With it I've been able to control my bipolar mood swings, gained more attention of my surroundings, and I've become less depressed. It has also had a huge effect on helping me quit smoking. 80 days smoke free and counting." ~Anonymous, 2014

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