In order to determine an appropriate treatment plan, a quantitative electroencephalogram or “brain map” was administered. It provided specific information about Regina’s head injuries, and where she was experiencing the most difficulty with her brain functions. From there, a treatment plan was developed. After beginning treatment, Regina began feeling calmer, sleep was improved and she reported feeling more cheerful. Driving directions were becoming easier for her to follow, and her interactions with others were more positive. She began to report improvements in verbal memory.   After a few more sessions she reported that she was able to think clearer.

Progress is continuing steadily, Regina is becoming more cheerful and smiles more as she attends her twice weekly sessions. She is beginning to enjoy a happier social life with her husband.

In remediating concussions, it is necessary to identify the exact source and nature of the brain wave imbalance. This is done with a brain map. The neurofeedback that follows will specifically target the areas of imbalance with specific brain wave training. By a system of rewards and inhibits, the brain begins changing the dysregulated brain wave activity to more healthy balance. With neurofeedback, a safe, drug free, permanent solution for concussions, victims are able to restore normal functioning. Concussions are no longer the feared life changing insult to the brain they once were. (305)

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Alan, not his real name, a high school student from Lawrenceville, began neurofeedback as a troubled and depressed student. At that time, thoughts of self-harm were disturbing him. Moodiness and withdrawal from the family were a concern to his mother. He lost interest in many activities, friends, and family, while experiencing difficulty with communicating his feelings.

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